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Omena Band

Omena BandOmena Band consists of Steven Kigunga Ouma, Paul Odundo Odhoge, Francis Were Owuor, Joseph Aboge Angwanga, and Zablon Ajwang Manguro. The band members are elders from Mbita, a vibrant town along Lake Victoria next to the famous Rusinga Island. Every three months, since June 2013, they travel to Kisumu to facilitate Arts Mentorship Workshops for students at One Vibe’s Music & Art Program.

Omena Band works with One Vibe to preserve the Luo culture by teaching youth how to sing in their native language, play the guitar traditionally, and preserve “Benga,” an endangered music genre from the Luo community. As stated by Tabu Osusa of Ketebul Music, “the Omena Band is definitely great in terms of originality,” which gives them a special niche in the music industry in Kenya and abroad. We continue to explore best ways of creating performance and production opportunities to ensure the band begins to support themselves through their craft.

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ShamirShamir was born on 28th August 1986, he grew up in Kibera and Mombasa, and attended St Mary’s Primary School in Mwea and Shauri Moyo Secondary School. In 2006, he decided to pursue music from his high school church choir, and later became the lead singer for Bad Man Kollege, a Kenyan reggae band. In 2003, while still in high school, Shamir worked with the legendary Burning Spear for Sawa Sawa Festival.

Since 2006 Shamir went solo with his music career, and had his impact in the Kenya music industry in 2007 with the release of “On Fire”, which is still a household name. Shamir has worked with some of the biggest producers in Jamaica from Dean Fraser, Sly Dunbar, to Robbie Shakespear.

Shamir specializes in Lovers rock. He chooses this genre of music as he believes it possesses a lot of life. He believes that it draws people and does not discriminate. His music is inspired by love, his relationships and his daily life experiences.

Shamir is a passionate songwriter, and one of the best producers in Kenya. He runs One Vibe Studio in Kisumu and enjoys mentoring youth through his weekly guitar and vocal classes. Shamir’s deepest desire is to fill the vacuum left by Lucky Dube not only because he is inspired by him but also because he strongly believes that he’s got what it takes to do so.

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SanaZiki consists of Christar, Daji, Hakim, Phelesia, and Phillip. Prior to forming SanaZiki each one in the group was an independent artist either singing in a church choir, in school, weddings, or at home. SanaZiki was formed to bring the strengths and uniqueness of each person together to form a formidable force, which encourages intercultural collaboration. Members of SanaZiki are from diverse ethnic groups in Kenya, as a collective their aim is to employ music in promoting cohesion.

Shamir, the producer of One Vibe Studio helped groom SanaZiki through One Vibe’s Music & Art Program. SanaZiki performed at Made In Kisumu Festival in October 2015 at Kenyatta Sports Ground in Kisumu alongside Sauti Sol, Rabbit King Kaka, Nazizi, Blitz The Ambassador, and other local and internationally renowned artists. In December 2015 SanaZiki performed at Jamhuri Festival at Dunga Hill Camp in Kisumu alongside Omena Band, Orutu Culture Band, Shamir, and Global Youth Groove.

SanaZiki are managed by One Vibe Africa, they are about to drop their first five‐track album and music videos. SanaZiki are also mentoring youth and children through One Vibe’s Music & Art Program in Manyatta, Kisumu.

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Orutu Culture Band

Orutu Culture BandOrutu Culture Band was created as part of One Vibe Africa’s Music & Art Program in Kisumu, Kenya. The authentic traditional African music band consists of Erick Ouma, Justus Onyango, Kevin Ochieng, Brian Oricho, Maurice Ochieng, and Evans Okoth.

Maurice Ochieng and Justus Onyango are the Orutu Culture Band leaders, they are also the lead instructors for One Vibe’s traditional African music classes, where they teach youth how to make and play Orutu, Ohangla, Nyatiti, and other traditional music instruments.

Orutu Culture Band has performed at various venues in Kisumu from Jomo Kenyatta Sports Grounds, during Made In Kisumu Festival, to Dunga Hill Camp. The group has just completed their debut album that’s set for release in 2016.

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