Unite The People Festival

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In 2012 One Vibe held its largest Unite The People Concert, creating serious awareness about plans to establish a music and arts center as a gathering place for youth in the western region of Kenya.

One Vibe worked with musicians from Seattle Washington, Tanzania, and Kenya who not only performed, but also shared their stories with young people. While creating a safe space for youth to gather to share music and arts is still our ultimate goal, our programs allow us to a avail a music and arts program for youth on a regular basis, which has a greater impact in their lives.

In a week, during Unite The People Concert 2012, One Vibe held a gathering for 150 youth at Young Generation Centre in Manyatta, a leadership workshop attended by 17 young leaders, a Stakeholders Dinner for 120 people, and the main concert crowded with 800 guests. From July 2013 Unite The People Concert became Unite The People Festival that is held every three months, as part of One Vibe’s Music & Art Programs.

Artists and students perform to showcase their talent. Unite The People Festival helps identify talented youth in the community and gives them a chance to develop their skills through One Vibe programs. It also gives the artists an audience to share their music, and engage the community in the program. Paintings from the program are exhibited and sold to the local community and tourists.

Unite The People Festival is part of our plan to earn income locally in Kenya for One Vibe programs. It also helps create awareness about the programs. We collaborate with local tour firms, and use our established networks to market the event. We involve other nonprofit organizations and companies as partners and sponsors.

How You Can Help

Generous contribution from you allows us to inspire and engage more youth in Kenya. Please support our mission with a Gift to our Programs. You can count on our accountability and promise to ensure that 100% of your gift supports youth that need it the most. Here are other ways that you can help…Read More

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